List of products by brand Wendel Kompressoren

We are dedicated to provide superior technology and services, enabling our customers to create the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow.

Throughout the years, we have evolved and fine-tuned our technology to stay ahead of competition and always serve our customers in the best way we can. We have colleagues at all major suppliers in our industry, enabling great knowledge sharing and powerful technology innovation worldwide.

Wendel replacement parts for its compressors, airends, motors,  fans, booster, and spare  needs,  factory-genuine original parts and aftermarket as well.  With its vast research resources, Wendel  makes it easy for customers to purchase the  high-quality parts their businesses require, including high-demand and hard-to-locate items.

we have an increased ambition for future growth: a growth that we believe is built by exploring new technologies, new markets, new business models, and new relationships. During the last couple of years, we have built strong partnerships with several leading specialists in our industry and we took another massive step forward earlier this year. Wendel kompressoren dedicated to new technology and new innovative products and ambition to be a driving force in the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Wendel Kompressoren is an acknowledged leader in the production, installation, sale, and service of complete industrial compressed air solutions, as well as numerous other cutting-edge industrial technologies. . Wendel Kompressoren air and diverse technological solutions enable customers in such myriad fields as industrial manufacturing, plastic and paint industry,  textile, marine, power generation, marble, hospitals , trains, among others, to reduce energy costs while increasing productivity and reliability.. Furthermore, this also helps raise bottom line profitability.

Our Commitment

Developing curent models of Compressors, reducing energy consumption  in compressed air solutions, accelerating clients access to innovative compressors and improving work safety – these are our primary commitments. By working in partnership with all Wendel Kompressoren engineers, we seek to develop practical solutions to make these goals a reality.

We believe that these commitments are in the best interest of World’s humans. We will engage with all partners in compressor delivery to discuss, design and implement policies that help us achieve these goals, while improving public health and economic wealth, as well as enhancing world’s industrial and science base.

Our Vision

We want systems that provide  with equal and early access to the best and safest compressors, that support innovation while balancing realistic benefit and risk; Such a vision will also assist sustaining World’s economic growth and competitiveness, by balancing compressor budgets and helping to provide for a effective and productive workforce. It also offers the most effective approach to deliver the innovative Compressors  to tackle current and potential industry demands.